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Want to Write Copy But Don't Have the Time, Effort, or Skill?  Then Five Minute Copywriting is For You

My most beloved -- and HATED subject -- in grammar school, was English class.

Sure, creative writing was fun. I would think up really cool characters and drop them into exciting situations... just let my imagination run wild. Every time I wrote a short story, even with an outline, I never knew exactly how things were going to end.

Stories I Wrote, Movies and TV Shows I Watched...

Much Like the Stories You
Wrote, Read, and Saw As a Child...


Inevitably I grew up and had to learn the boring stuff like grammar and mechanics, and suddenly English class wasn't fun anymore. I had to write essays and research papers.

Before I knew it, I was in college and professors were taking points off my score for having too many active sentences, "simple" words... and short sentences and paragraphs.

All through college (and beyond) I continued to write for fun. I wrote articles, I blogged, even copywriting became fun. I paid for several $400 mail order courses to teach me how to write articles quickly. I learned how to become an article writing machine... and make it fun!

You must have come up against the same roadblocks I came up against many times. Writing sales copy is too much of an art.

"I Have Writer's Block...
I Don't Know How to Sell..."

But What If I Told You There Was a Shortcut Available?

Five Minute Copywriting -- the easy to read PDF report -- gives you a boatload of plug-and-play sales copy items... just fill in the blank and go.

  • The 14 types of headlines with examples of each, so you can turn your unique selling point into that perfect headline without racking your brain for hours!
  • 16 plug and play openers to get you telling a story and transitioning from your headline to your copy, instantly.
  • 32 plug and play bullet points (both positive and negative) to show you how to present each sub-section of your product as an exciting benefit instead of as a boring, run of the mill feature... watch your conversion rates explode and make a ton more money.
  • Five plug and play offers to drive your message home. As usual, no thinking required.
  • Seven copy and paste guarantees that you don't even need to edit... just paste onto your sales letter with no work and you'll be fully protected.
  • The six bottlenecks that hurt your online efforts, and how to overcome them. This alone could be the difference between the marketer who produces one product a year versus 15 products per year.

Let's face it, when you hire someone else to write your sales letter, they either charge too much or don't understand your product enough to explain it... maybe both!

The best person to sell your stuff is YOU... if you do it correctly!

If you own at least one web site then you owe it to your PayPal and Aweber accounts to learn some basic five minute copywriting.

John Taylor The three sections on page 11 are great for kick starting my writing; I will definitely be swiping the "Fill in the blank" bullets on page 12; The FACTS on 13 are pure gold; and I love the "Halbert" stuff on page 14!

I'm not sure I'll ever be able to write a salesletter in 5 minutes, but I will save a lot of time by following your formula.

John Taylor

Andy Erickson Seriously, if you're wanting/trying/hoping to write your own sales letter(s), this is an extremely compact and useful roadmap & resource to help get you there.

This review has been brought to you in LESS THAN 5 minutes. :)

Andy Erickson

Robert Greenshields As I loved your Fast Food Copywriting, I was delighted to discover that 5 Minute Copywriting contains a whole lot of valuable new information and ideas. Once again you cram so much value into every page.

I particularly like your thoughts on swipe files, which made me realize that I have been doing them all wrong. And your tips on taking action are superb.

Great job (again)!

Robert Greenshields

Judy Kettenhofen The problem with many products is they're bloated, just to make you think you're getting more for your money.

Robert's stuff is exactly what I love to read: succinct, powerful techniques that can be applied in minutes.

Robert gives more useful information per line of writing than just about anyone I've ever seen. Buy 5 minute copywriting. You'll love it!

Judy Kettenhoffen, Profit Strategist/Copywriter

"Can I Really Write Copy in Five Minutes?"

Obviously, I am not going to claim you can write a complete sales letter in five minutes. I can confidently say that I have written many bare-bones no-frills sales letters in exactly five minutes using this formula.

After the site is selling, you can go back and add to it in five minute increments using the methods I teach.

I'm not claiming you will become a first-class copywriter in just five minutes. You can't devour this 5300 word masterpiece, but realistically, you can get started in 15 to 20 minutes after you have this e-book in your hands.

With a couple simple lessons, you CAN write sales letters in just five minutes!

Depending on your typing speed and level of practice, it might take you 15 to 20 minutes to complete a sales letter. That's okay. Make a couple of those and you will find yourself getting closer and closer to the five minute mark.

Even if you are stubborn and don't want to apply everything in the book... if you can cut down the time it takes you to write sales letters from 5 hours to 1 hour, would you consider that a worthy investment? What will you do with the extra four hours?

"Don't You Already Have a Copywriting Book Available?"

I am also known for a book called "Fast Food Copywriting" that gives you a formula to write sales letters quickly. Be assured that this is different product and there is NO overlap between the two.

This is a different style of writing copy, and although Fast Food Copywriting gives you more detailed information about copywriting, Five Minute Copywriting gives you a step by step foolproof formula for churning out copy even faster.

Only 18 Pages?!

That's right, I was able to compress all the information about how to write sales letters down to a mere 18 pages.

Why didn't I go on long rants and allow each subject to span multiple pages? Why not increase the font size, double space, and adjust the margins to bloat it up to 60 pages or more?

The simple answer is that I use this guide MYSELF to write sales letters. I like being able to flip to a page, spend 30 seconds working on that part of the copy, and move on to the next page with no difficulty.

I also want you to be able to understand the material quickly in just a few minutes or hours... NOT days... WITHOUT problems so I have less customer support to deal with. That's where I am coming from.

Special Bonus: "Web Sales Letters Supreme"

Famous copywriter Ted Nicholas (who has made many millions of dollars) didn't say "*web* sales letter." The Internet didn't exist when he started making his direct marketing millions.

Think what an advantage we have over him.

You want to sell more of your products and services on the Internet, am I right? Sure I am, or you'd be a chat room right now.

Odds are, many of you have so far failed to sell much at all of your products and services.

Are you driving traffic to your site but failing to make sales? Paying more for your ads, banners and pay per click engine placements than you're making?

How much do you want to succeed online? What difference would it make to your life to know that you had the skill to sell any worthwhile product on the Internet?

Despite what you've read, the 3 keys to Internet success are NOT "traffic, traffic and traffic."

They're NOT even "targeted traffic, targeted traffic and targeted traffic.

The ONE key to mining the Internet gold mine is "targeted traffic converted to sales."

Whether You Have A 500 Page Content Rich Site Or A Stripped Down To The Barest Essentials Minisite, You Need a Web Sales Letter That Makes the Sale!

If you can talk, you can write a web sales letter. You don't have to know any secret ways of putting words together -- just keep them one after the other :)

The Trick To Learning How To Write Web Sales Letters Is To Learn The Structure!

That's what this book teaches you -- the pieces of web sales letters plus the principles that make them work.

As you'll see, a lot is common sense. Not rocket science or brain surgery.

You learn by example - taught by many of the greatest web copywriters online today.

  • Jonathan Mizel
  • Yanik Silver
  • Terry Dean
  • Declan Dunn
  • Dr. Ken Evoy
  • Mark Joyner
  • Jimmy D. Brown
  • Collin Almeida
  • Neil Shearing
  • Phil Wiley

. . . and more.

I'll Let You In On A Deep Secret...

None Of These Success Stories Was Born A Good Web Sales Copywriter!

Nope - they all came into this world just as naked as you and me. Imagine that! :)

What's made the big difference in their lives is that sometime between that birth and the beginning of their online wealth they studied GOOD copywriting.

They read and re-read books by copywriters. They read and re-read the junk mail they received. They read and re-read the classic sales letters. They learned the structure of sales letters. They learned the principles behind that structure. They learned by example.

They practiced. They wrote sales letters. Then they read and re-read the proven winners and compared their efforts to the masters, and changed and re-wrote their letters.

Then they tested their efforts in the marketplace and tested and changed what still didn't work.

Some of the greats included in Web Sales Letters Supreme were professional copywriters before they started their online careers. But many started their online businesses first and learned copywriting because they had to.

Many of them are NOT professional copywriters. They started out as a doctor, a pizza delivery dude, a Kinko's clerk, a reporter... all self-educated, self-trained copywriters.

Now You Can Leverage Their Efforts By Studying The Successful Web Sales Letters They Have Produced...

What these Internet pioneers had to do was adopt traditional direct sales letter techniques and methods to the Internet.

There are technical differences related to the media, plus some different psychology involved. In Web Sales Letters Supreme you get:

  • Easy to understand explanations of the 8 main parts of a web sales letter supreme. Once you know the structure, you can piece together an acceptable letter.
  • The psychological principles you use to convince your prospects they MUST BUY your product
  • The 3 Ps that are the foundation of a successful web sales letter. You must understand these before you start thinking about the mechanical parts of a web sales letter. They're not hard, and they're basic.
  • 11 more examples of great web sales letters to visit online...
  • An entire chapter of tips on how to format your web sales letters. When I put up my first web sales letter I made a basic typography error because of what I knew about offline printing. You can avoid repeating that mistake and others that I and others have made.
  • A web copywriting resource site...

37 Different Proven Web Sales Letters

Aspiring Copywriters Have Always Studied Successful Sales Letters...

The Reason Is Obvious!

The best way to learn what works is to learn from what works.

You can buy books that consist of nothing but direct mail sales letters. For aspiring Internet marketers, there are two problems with these books.

Some of the letters are quite old. Is the venerable headline "Do You Make These Mistakes in English?" inspiring for copywriters aiming for modern Internet customers?

All of the letters are direct mail pieces. Although there is much for web copywriters to learn from direct mail copywriters, the media are different and have some different technical requirements.

Aspiring direct mail copywriters have been using books such as this for many years. Until now, there has been no such book for web copywriters.

I just went to Amazon and found a good example of a book that direct mail copywriters can use to learn their craft, retail price $79.95. You can also learn copywriting by attending one of Randy's copywriting bootcamps. Last time I received a mailing for one, the price for one week's training was only $5000.

That's How Much Aspiring Direct Mail Copywriters Value That Skill!

Your special bonus, "Web Sales Letters Supreme" ... consists of WEB sales letters, not direct mail pieces.

If you want to send out direct mail sales letters, buy those books and study direct mail sales letters.

If you want to put up a winning web site, study successful web sales letters.

If you read and study the web sales letters in my book and learn and apply the principles to your own web sales letters, I'm convinced that you'll convert far more of your prospects into buyers than you do now.

If you read and apply what you learn in this book to your own web site... how many extra sales would it take to pay you back the price of this package?

Bonus #2: Words to Profits

Words Have the Magical Ability to Form Piles of Cash Out of Thin Air... and Mastery of This Skill is Now Within Your Grasp!

Every single word you write that people read will touch them in some way, do you wrap them in a warm blanket of words and make them feel safe? Do you thrill them with every word so they read with a huge smile on their face? Do you intrigue the reader so they are on the edge of their seat as they read?

Getting the right message for the right people is part of the secret, reaching out of the page and pulling them into your writing is the other part. Most people lack the skills to do either!

The fact is that if you are trying to make any money online then the only way you can reach your potential customers is with words, written or spoken. So you'd better make sure they have the biggest impact possible!

What if there was a way to make your words sparkle? From a humble email to a might salesletter - what if your words could impact them with such intensity that the reader can't draw themselves away? If they enveloped the reader and guided them down the page like a written sales assistant helping you to make sales all day long?

How Would That Impact Your Sales?

This product was created to do just that, to teach you how to get inside the head of the reader and to write words that plug directly into their brain so they are hardwired into your sales message until you choose to let them go. It is an in-depth look at the love-hate relationship we have with words and how to use them to get the results you want. As part of the book we'll look at one of the most powerful pieces of writing ever made - Martin Luther King Jr's 'I have a dream' speech, think you could learn a thing or two from that?

Here is what you could be learning just minutes from now...

  • How to transplant your brain with your prospects using my proprietary 'Core Customer Connection' system
  • How to write in a way that looks normal to everyone else but your chosen reader will home in on it like a guided missile and know you are talking to them!
  • Learn to effortlessly absorb powerful writing like a sponge so you can write like a master without the steep learning curve
  • How to avoid the devastating mistake people make when they first learn these powerful techniques (almost as bad as not knowing them in the first place!)
  • The 5 devious psychological triggers you can implant into your writing to get what you want!
  • 100 power words you can use to make explosive headlines and bullet points, use with care!
  • Why storytime could become your most profitable time of the day and how to use it to build instant trust
  • Two ways to take bland writing, squeeze some special sauce onto it and turn it into a sizzling writing sensation!
  • And so much more!

If You Can Write Interesting Work Then You'll Stand Out In The Sea Of Mediocrity And You Can Stand Up And Collect Your Reward Of More Customers And More Profits!

100% Love it or "Shove It" Guarantee!

My guarantee is simple. Either you become a copywriter that knows how to write a sales letter in five minutes (after you learn the basics) or I will demand you get a full refund immediately. You have 56 days to decide.

Instant download below.
Five Minute Copywriting is a downloadable e-book & requires Adobe Reader to view.

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  • Contents: 18 pages of no-fluff content (5300 words)
  • Bonus Included: Web Sales Letters Supreme
  • Download Size: 409 KB

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